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GreenPal Review and How It Works for Lawn Care

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GreenPal lets you connect to lawn care service providers with most working on recurring schedules to help keep your lawn maintained.

When it comes to handling home chores, there are a few that could take much time compared to either doing laundry or trimming the growing lawn.

Through platforms like GreenPal, you can outsource it by connecting to providers close to you in order to free up time for other essential tasks.



Pricing From

$72 – $77

One Off




Quick: GreenPal connects you to lawn care professionals that are spread out at several locations near you with its operation being on a recurring model, usually weekly or bi-weekly with pricing varying per service provider but ranges from $72 to $77 (based on experience) depending on the size of your lawn.

Greenpal is a lawn care service outsourcing platform operating on a marketplace model with providers at several locations.

The company does not provide the mowing or care maintenance directly rather, it will enable you to connect to individuals and businesses registered on the platform.

Based on the address you provided while making your request, it will send your details to providers that are close to your location who based on the details in your request will send you quotes.

The pricing for the services provided through the platform usually varies depending on your location, the size of the lawn, and any additional maintenance needs requested but on average, you will be quoted a cost of $72 to $77 if the grass is under six inches tall for a regular lawn mowing.

While the interface will let you enter your address with a button to see prices, it will only try to map your location with the possibility of an estimate of the costs but the actual quotes from the providers will arrive hours later to your provided email address.

You can review all the quotes received and proceed with the one that meets your preferences in terms of delivery details and prices.

The platform will keep all the quotes regarding your request on a single page when you are viewing through the GreenPal dashboard which will make the experience and decision-making very easy.

You can view all the providers that have sent you quotes, the number of lawns mowed with respective sample pictures, clients’ reviews, reliability ratings, and others to give you an idea of what to expect from a chosen provider.

How GreenPal Works

To get started, simply sign up on their website (better experience) or download the mobile app. Input your location, specify your lawn care preferences, and indicate your preferred schedule.

They will then match you with the most suitable service provider to kickstart your lawn maintenance. You will choose the best provider based on the quotes received and your assessment.

If you are satisfied with their work, you can opt to continue using their services or opt for another provider.

GreenPal is only a gateway and does not directly handle the service, you can look at it as the Uber for lawn care.

You will be connected to several providers on the platform (usually those within your location) who will bid through their quotes and offerings.

Once you have identified the perfect quote for your request, you can proceed with it by accepting the bid.

You are only billed once you have confirmed satisfaction with the service provided. Prior to that, a temporary charge is applied to your account as a placeholder for hiring one of the providers.

GreenPal Services

GreenPal service is primarily connecting people to lawn mowing providers but the platform also allows for secondary services that are closely related to lawn maintenance.

Some of those include hiring professionals to help in snow removal as well as landscaping activities.

When submitting your request, the platform will provide a field that will enable you to indicate any additional service need where you can specify the details to be submitted to its providers before you receive the quotes.

GreenPal Service Costs

GreenPal has an average cost of $72 to $77 per mowing for grasses within six inches in height but if your lawn is taller than that, you may have to pay double to thrice that price.

Sample GreenPal Pricing

The total cost of the service is determined by several key factors, ensuring transparency and fairness in pricing:

  • Size of the Area: The square footage of your lawn directly influences the pricing, as larger areas typically require more time and resources to maintain.
  • Height of the Grass: The length of your grass is taken into account, as taller grass may require additional effort and specialized equipment to achieve the desired results.
  • Additional Services: Any extra services you request, such as edging, trimming, or weed removal, are factored into the overall cost. These services contribute to the comprehensive care and maintenance of your lawn, enhancing its appearance and health.

GreenPal Alternatives

Here are some apps and platforms similar to GreenPal that you can consider for handling your lawn:




One Off




Quick: LawnStarter offers real-time pricing and once your address is provided, the platform will give you an estimate of the cost without the delay of having to wait for quotes from the providers. On average, you will see pricing from $51 for weekly mowing for grass not taller than 9 inches.

LawnStarter is one of the top alternatives with good coverage similar to GreenPal with its providers spread across several cities.

The platform operates through its web portal and you can also browse through services using its mobile app.

In terms of offering, you will also need to submit your address and based on the size of your grass, quotes will be provided from different lawn care service providers that you can select from depending on their pricing and delivery information.

While it has an average lawn mowing cost between $51 to $54 for weekly or bi-weekly schedules, it charges a trusty and safety fee of $2.99.

The delivery turnaround time is 48 hours after booking hence, you will need to wait at least two days before the provider will come for cutting after submitting your request.

In addition to lawn care, LawnStarter can also help with landscaping, leaf removal, and trimming, and through its sister company Pest Gnone, you can enjoy pest control services



One Off




Quick: LawnGuru is another interesting alternative to GreenPal, especially if you need just a one-time lawn mowing requirement. The cost varies as usual with grasses within six inches priced between $51 to $70 depending on the location and size of the area.

This is another option you can explore as it offers different plans, including one-off, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly schedule options.

Like the other platforms, it provides features to enable you to book its service with your address required to determine the cost of handling your lawn.

LawnGuru offers secondary services in addition to lawn mowing, many of which include power edging, aeration, seeding, tree work, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning, among others.

While requesting its service, note that it will need your phone number which will be validated before you can see the pricing and the option to book the lawn care provider.


Lawn Love

One Off




Quick: In terms of experience, this platform is very similar to LawnStarter considering that you will get the estimate in real-time based on the details of your location provided. The pricing for its services is also closer at a starter between $52 and $55 for weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing.

LawnLove is another interesting platform you can utilize to outsource your lawn mowing needs, thanks to its wide coverage in several cities.

The platform’s offerings are similar to those you can access when using LawnStarter, this is no surprise considering they are together.

When using LawnLove, you will get instant pricing hence, it could be faster to receive the service as you do not need to wait for minutes to hours waiting for quotes.

As applicable to its parent company LawnStarter, there is a fee of $2.99 to cover trust and safety with the service pricing ranging from $52 to $55 per delivery.

GreenPal Services FAQs

Here are some typical questions people frequently ask when regarding the use of GreenPal for lawn mowing services:

Can I use GreenPal for a one-time lawn mowing need?

Most of the service providers on the platform work on a recurring model hence, you may not be able to get a one-off lawn mowing service.

However, it is possible to cancel a recurring request if the services rendered do not meet your expectations.

What is GreenPal delivery turnaround?

Between submitting your request, reviewing the quotes, and the actual rendering of the service can take at least 48 hours.

Usually, you will be informed with details on the quote received and how long it will take before the provider will come to your location as many of them are tied up and may require extra days before coming to take care of your lawn.

Is GreenPal legit?

Yes, the platform is a legit lawn care service marketplace enabling you to connect to providers within your area.

When will I pay for a GreenPal service?

After receiving the quote and hiring your preferred provider, the platform will place a hold of the service cost on your credit card.

However, these held funds will only be paid to the service provider after your lawn has been taken care of once you provide a confirmation.

This hold is for security purposes and to ensure you have enough funds to handle the service being requested.

If you did not get the service, the hold will be released and the funds will be available to you within a few days, usually 4-5 days.

Does GreenPal offer landscaping services?

Yes, the platform can also offer landscaping service but as this is a secondary service, it will have to be discussed with your provider after the first service. Subsequently, it will be factored into the total maintenance costs.

How can I cancel a GreenPal service request?

To cancel a GreenPal request, follow these steps:

1. Login to the Website or Mobile App: Ensure you are logged into your GreenPal account, you can use a Chrome or Safari browser on your computer or mobile device.

2. Access Your Account Settings: On the desktop version, click on “My Schedule” in the menu. On the mobile app, navigate to your upcoming appointments list.

3. Cancel Individual Appointments: If you want to cancel specific scheduled mowings, simply click “Cancel” next to each one you wish to cancel. On the mobile app, tap on each future appointment and then click “Cancel” for each one individually.

4. Cancel All Future Services: If you want to cancel all future services with the lawn company you hired, you will need to click “Cancel” next to each appointment individually. Unfortunately, the platform does not have the option to cancel all services at once.

Do I need to be home for the GreenPal service?

No, you do not need to be home for the lawn care service. Once you hire a lawn service through GreenPal, they will utilize aerial images and street view imagery to assess your lawn’s needs.

After each mowing session, you’ll receive an email with a picture of your mowed lawn attached, serving as your digital invoice.

Who cuts my lawn?

The platform is a marketplace connecting lawn care professionals to clients hence, your lawn will be handled by the providers and not directly GreenPal.

What is the GreenPal vendor support channel?

If you are a vendor on GreenPal and need to contact the support team, you can email them using team @ yourgreenpal . com.

Alternatively, you can reach them through their social media channels as they are available across major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

How do I get more details regarding their services?

If you want more information not covered on this page, you can check through their FAQ page to see if your query can be answered.


GreenPal offers a seamless and reliable lawn mowing solution designed to fit the needs of today’s busy homeowners.

With a variety of services tailored to different lawn care needs and preferences, it guarantees that your lawn maintenance is carried out with expertise and attention to detail by its network of professional service providers.

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