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Is Poplin Laundry Service Legit for your Chores?

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  • Post last modified:March 21, 2024

Poplin is a legit and one of the top platforms for wash and fold with its presence spread across several cities but what should you know about it?

With millions of loads per week of household clothes washing, outsourcing this chore will enable many people to dedicate time to other essential tasks.

There is a growing number of online laundry services like Poplin aggregating providers to help them connect to people who want some free time.



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Same Day*

Quick: The Poplin laundry service charges $1 per pound for standard service, accepting items with a total weight of up to $20. However, for same-day delivery, a minimum hamper value of $40 ($2 per pound) is required; otherwise, delivery will be scheduled for the following day.

This platform boasts coverage in over 500 cities, solidifying its position as one of the premier laundry service providers nationwide.

With its same-day delivery priced at $40, Poplin stands out among its competitors, offering competitive rates. Comparable services with similar delivery options tend to charge higher fees, potentially resulting in additional costs for users.

Regardless of location, the cost of service remains fixed at $1 per pound. For standard 24-hour delivery, a minimum of $20 worth of items is required.

To estimate the weight of your load, consider that one hamper typically weighs around 10 pounds. Thus, you’ll need a minimum of two hampers of items to utilize Poplin’s services.

How Poplin Laundry Works

Upon providing your zip code, the platform seamlessly connects you with trusted laundry professionals in your vicinity.

Popline Zip Code

Once your request is submitted, it will be assigned to a skilled laundry specialist who will arrive at your location for pickup. They will ensure your items are washed, dried, folded, and returned to you promptly within the SLA depending on your choice of delivery.

Under normal circumstances, deliveries are made the following day according to the standard delivery schedule. However, same-day delivery is also available upon request.

In Existence Since 2018

Poplin is not new to the laundry service industry as it has been in existence since its founding in 2018. It used to be called SudShare.

The company went through a rebranding process in 2023 which led to its new name with improved offerings and a spread to new cities.

A Laundry Marketplace

While the platform is known for its management team which comprises the Fertel family who originally handled the washing of clients’ orders when it started, it has changed to a more marketplace model.

Now, it serves as a gateway connecting people to laundry houses and professionals who make a living helping people to handle their clothes-washing chores.

As a user, when you submit an order, the platform will assign your request to a valet within your location who will visit your address for pick up and delivery after they have been treated.

Wide Coverage

Poplin is one of the top online laundry services that has good coverage, with the likes of HappyNest, Laundryheap, and a few others having such.

It has providers across several cities, including in major states like California, New York, Texas, Minnesota, and more.

You can input your ZIP code when on its home page to confirm its service availability in your area.

Fixed Pricing

Irrespective of your location, the platform has a fixed pricing when you are sending in your laundry request.

For the standard delivery of 24 hours, the pricing is $1 per LB with the required minimum of $20 per order.

However, this cost will double to $2 per pound if you want your items to be delivered on the same day hence, resulting in a minimum of $40 per order.

24-Hour Standard Delivery

Poplin has a standard delivery time of 24 hours and if you place your order before 3 PM, your items will be delivered the next day, usually before 8 PM.

You may have to wait an extra day if you place the order after 3 PM and this also applies when it is above 100 pounds.

The good thing about the app is that you can communicate with the Laundry Pro assigned to your order who can give you a better estimate of when the items will be picked up and the time they will be delivered.

Can Handle Same-day Delivery

It is one of the laundry service platforms that offers same-day delivery but this comes at a premium pricing when requested.

Poplin’s same-day delivery cost is $2 per pound and that will be a total of $40 for its required minimum of 20 lbs.

There is a timing for this option and when needed, you will need to place your order before 10 AM and the handler will come to your location at most 2 PM for pick up.

Its same-day service will enable you to get your laundered items back before or by 8 PM on the day of the order.

You can still enjoy this premium service after the 10 AM maximum for same-day delivery but you will get your clothes delivered at most 10 AM the next day. And if it is after 3 PM you place your order, the items will be taken care of the next day and returned before or by 8 PM.

Only Wash, Dry, and Fold

The platform primarily specializes in wash, dry, and fold services, catering to these three aspects comprehensively.

If you are looking for laundry tasks beyond these three services, you will need to explore alternative options like ByNext and Lapels Dry Cleaning.

This service encompasses the core offerings of the platform, involving the complete process of washing, drying, and neatly folding your laundry items.

From sorting to folding, your clothes are handled by its Pros to ensure they are fresh, clean, and ready for use.

You can also specify on the app your preferences, including support for your detergent to be used.

When placing your order, the app will show the options for detergent that include premium scented, hypoallergenic, and provide your own.

Free Pick-Up and Delivery

One of the conveniences offered by the platform is complimentary pick-up and delivery services for all orders, regardless of your location.

This service eliminates the need for you to drop off or pick up your laundry, saving you time and effort in the process.

Hang-Dry Support

For customers who prefer air-drying their clothes rather than using a dryer, the platform offers hang-dry support.

This option allows you to specify that your clothes be air-dried by hanging them on hangers, catering to your preferences, and ensuring your items are handled according to your specifications.

Garment Protection

Poplin laundry service provides various protection plans to safeguard your garments, offering different levels of coverage based on the value of your order.

Standard Plan: Automatically included with each order, the standard protection plan offers coverage of up to $35 per garment, with a maximum limit of $200 per order. This plan provides basic protection against potential damages or loss.

Premium Plan: For enhanced protection, the premium plan extends coverage to $50 per garment, with a maximum order limit of $500. This option is suitable for those seeking a higher level of assurance for their valuable garments.

Premium+ Plan: Offering the most comprehensive coverage, the premium+ plan ensures up to $75 per garment, with a maximum order limit of $1000. This plan provides extensive protection for valuable or high-end garments, offering peace of mind to customers.


With nationwide coverage, offering one of the best pricing, and a growing list of features, Poplin is one of the top options you should have on your list when in need of a laundry service platform to handle your clothing.

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