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Poplin Coupon Codes for Laundry Discounts

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  • Post last modified:May 13, 2024

This Poplin coupon code collection contains a list of active promo codes provided by the platform to enable you to enjoy savings on laundry chores.

Being one of the best online laundry services with coverage in several cities and an amazing pricing offer, it is a preferred option for many users.

Despite being cheap at $1 per lb, it is better to utilize the service at a reduced cost, especially if you are a new user to know if you can continue using it for recurring wash and fold needs. 



Pricing From





Same Day*

Quick: Poplin has one of the best laundry service offers at $1 per pound for its standard next-day delivery which requires a minimum load size of $20. It also supports same-day requests but it will cost $2 per lb and a required minimum order of $40.

The platform is well-known for its wash-and-fold laundry services and its competitive pricing of $1 per lb, one of the cheapest you can get online.

In addition to its primary service offering, you can also request hang dry when placing your order at no extra cost but it will require you to provide the correct number of hangers to be used in handling your clothes.

When making your request, you will have options that include premium-scented, hypoallergenic, and ‘provide your own’ regarding the cleaning products to be used, especially for users with sensitive skin that may experience hives from laundry soaps.

Considering your items will be handled by someone working as a valet through Poplin, there is the safety concern regarding when your clothes get missing but with up to $1,000 in protection, there is insurance for you.

It has a standard free delivery time of 24 hours but if you want your laundry done on the same day, the request can be taken but at a higher per lb pricing of $2 with a minimum of $40 in order value.

The platform can also be used to request quotes when you need a commercial laundry service, including for hotels and Airbnb.

Give A Little Coupon

Scan the QR code to use it

Give A Little Poplin Coupon $10 QR

Or click the link below to apply it

The Give A Little Poplin coupon code is for new users and with it, you will save $10 on your first order.

It is an auto-applied option and does not require you to enter it at checkout as you only need to either scan the code to get the details or click the button and you will be redirected to Poplin to redeem it.

This promo code is available to users in all locations and is not state-specific hence, you can enjoy the discount on laundry if you currently do not have an account on the platform irrespective of your location. 

Pile Monsters Coupon

Scan the QR code to use it

Pile Monster Poplin Coupon QR

Or click the link below to apply it

This is a premium coupon for heavy laundry users and with it, you can enjoy $20 off on a single order, including an opportunity to get a standard free first order if you are a new user.

If you have not tried using Poplin yet, this is a coupon you will like because it covers its minimum order size of $20 which will enable you to experience the platform without having to pay on your first order.

It works similar to the Give A Little coupon code and you can either scan the QR code to redeem it or simply click the button to be redirected to its page to make your first request.

Other Active Poplin Deals

Free Pick Up and Delivery

The platform does not charge any fee to pick up your items and this also applies to delivery.

Pricing of $1 per pound when requesting the standard next-day delivery or the $2 per lb express same-day option does not have an effect in terms of the cost or how your items will be picked from your location.

 It also applies to when your valet will deliver your washed and folded clothes unless you opt to tip for a good service voluntarily.

This feature requires extra charges when using some of the laundry service platforms and it is a plus to enjoy it for free despite the platform’s good pricing.

Up to $1000 in Damage/Loss Protection

The Poplin Protection Plan ensures the safety of your laundry items, offering peace of mind in the event of damage or loss.

With coverage of up to $1,000, you can trust in the security of your wardrobe investments.

The protection plan includes three tiers: basic, premium, and premium+, each offering varying levels of coverage per garment and maximum order protection.

However, the platform requires that claims must be made within 48 hours of delivery and are based on the used value of your items, calculated at 70% of the retail purchase price.

Free Hang Dry Services

It offers hang-dry services as an additional option which comes at no cost to you.

With this service, instead of utilizing traditional dryer methods, your garments are gently air-dried by hanging.

This method is particularly beneficial for delicate fabrics or items that may be sensitive to high heat.

By choosing the free hang-dry option when making your request, you can potentially extend the lifespan of your clothing items while preserving their quality and shape.

Whether it is a favorite sweater or a delicate blouse, this option provides an alternative to traditional drying methods.

If you prefer your clothes handled using this method, you are required to provide the hangers hence, prepare your laundry bag and add the correlative number of hangers to be used.

Free Light and Dark Items Separation

Poplin offers free light and dark clothing separation as part of its laundry services.

When you submit your order, the practice of its valets is that light-colored and dark-colored garments are washed separately, minimizing the risk of color bleeding or transfer between items.

Separating light and dark items helps maintain the vibrancy and integrity of clothing, ensuring that colors remain true and fabrics stay looking their best.

By preventing color mixing during the washing process, the aim is to preserve the appearance of garments and reduce the likelihood of unwanted discoloration or staining.

Free Delicate Cycle Drying

It also provides the option of drying clothes on a delicate cycle. This feature allows for a gentler drying process, suitable for delicate fabrics or garments that require more cautious treatment.

Selecting the delicate feature when submitting your order will help minimize the risk of damage to your clothing items, particularly those that are sensitive to high heat or agitation.

This ensures that your clothes are dried with the utmost care, helping to maintain their quality and prolong their lifespan.

If this is required, you will need to put the items in a separate bag, and in the instruction field, provide the description to enable the valet to know which bag contains the delicate clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the top questions regarding the use of the Poplin coupon codes and deals redemption:

How do the coupons work?

The platform usually provides two forms of coupons, including:

1. Text Code: This is a block of text you can paste when making payments to get discounts on your laundry orders

2. QR: with this, you will have to scan a QR code to be able to redeem the benefit that comes with the coupon

3. Link: Poplin also allows the redemption of its coupon codes through links that you can click for auto-discount at checkout

Can I use the code with Poplin’s gift card?

Yes, the coupons can be used together with the laundry gift cards.

While the gift cards will enable you to bypass the use of your credit card for payment, the coupon will reduce the cost that will be deducted from your gift.

Is there a minimum order to use the promo code?

There are many coupon codes provided by Poplin with varying terms. It could be based on requirements like:

1. The size of your order
2. How long you have been on the platform and if you are a new or old user

But most times, its coupon codes are generic and you may be eligible to utilize it for discounted orders.

Are the coupon codes valid?

Yes, the above coupon codes are valid to use with Poplin orders as these are codes we have tested and used during our research and validations.

We constantly check for the latest and when we get new ones, the page will be updated to ensure you access active coupon codes you can use when submitting your laundry orders.

Can I use Poplin for dry cleaning?

Unfortunately, Poplin is only a wash-and-fold laundry service provider with an add-on for hang-dry.

If you want dry cleaning, you can check Rinse or ByNext.

Will the coupon codes work for commercial laundry requests?

We did not test the codes with commercial laundry requests but with such orders being on a large-scale basis, you can get a better discount by submitting your quote request.

If you receive a quote that does not meet your preference, you may be able to get better pricing by asking the platform for a discount.


While using the Poplin coupon codes means that you will get a better pricing discount, the platform’s offering of $1 per pound makes the platform worth it for anyone who wants to save on laundry.

The add-ons like free pick-up and delivery, the no-cost hang-dry option, and others are some of the reasons many use it for handling their clothes-washing chores. 

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