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How Rinse Laundry Service Works & Costs

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Rinse is one of the top laundry service providers with very good coverage in major cities across the United States.

The task of doing laundry is something most of us cannot avoid. It is important to keep ourselves clean and our clothes in good shape.

In today’s world, where we value convenience, laundry has gotten easier. With services like Rinse, you can get your clothes washed, dried, and neatly folded without the hassle of doing it yourself.



Pricing From





24 Hours*

Quick: Rinse laundry services start at $1.39 per pound and typically take 3 to 4 days for standard delivery. There’s a minimum order requirement of $30, but if you opt for its subscription plans, you will get next-day delivery with no minimum limitation.

Rinse is a well-known name in the laundry service industry, serving major cities like San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, and more.

Their services are divided into two options:

Subscription Service:

  • Rinse Repeat: Priced at $1.39 per pound with standard delivery in 3-4 days. If you need next-day delivery, you can add it for $9.95.
  • Rinse Repeat Plus: Offers 24-hour delivery for $1.64 per pound. Though the per-pound cost is slightly higher, it includes free next-day delivery and a $10 bonus each month.
    Pay-as-You-Go Option:

This non-subscription option comes with a standard delivery time of 3-4 days and is priced at $2.5 per pound. There’s an additional $9.95 for pick-up, and if you require next-day delivery, it will cost you $9.95.

Rinse stands out from many laundry service providers for its dry cleaning services, with pricing ranging from $4.95 to $39.95, depending on the type of item you need dry cleaned.

How Rinse Laundry Works

This platform links you with trusted laundry professionals near your location, determined by the zip code you provide.

After you make a request, a laundry expert will be assigned to collect your laundry from your place, wash it, dry it, fold it, and then return it to you. Note that you can also request dry cleaning and hang dry using the Rinse platform.

Regarding account options, you have the choice of pay-as-you-need and subscription plans. The pay-as-you-need option costs $2.50 per pound, while subscription plans start at $1.39.

Typically, they aim to deliver items within 3-4 days as per their standard delivery schedule. However, if you are subscribed to their Repeat Plus plan, you can enjoy next-day delivery.

Rinse Laundry Services

Rinse has two main services, including the wash and fold, and the dry cleaning with hang dry being one of its add-on services.

All its services differ in offering with the wash and fold being the most affordable and faster in terms of delivery as you can get your items delivered within 24 hours if you are on the Repeat Plus Go plan.

Irrespective of the plan you are on, the dry cleaning and hang dry could take more days and typically should be fulfilled within its standard timings of 3 – 4 days.

Rinse Laundry Prices

The laundry cost when using Rinse varies depending on the type of request which could be any of the pay-as-you-go or one of its Rinse Go plans like Repeat and Repeat Plus.

For its pay-as-you-go plan, you will be charged a per-pound bill of $2.50 which is about 12 lbs to 15 lbs of load based on its required minimum of $30. This option also comes with a pick-up and delivery fee of $9.95 with its standard delivery of 3 – 4 days or pay an extra $9.95 if you need a next-day delivery.

The subscription plans are a lot cheaper compared to the pay-as-you-go and you might want to opt for one of them if you will be doing laundry very frequently.

This option has two plans, including the Repeat and the Repeat Plus. Both of them come with free pick-up and delivery.

While the Repeat plan will cost you $1.39 per pound, its Repeat Plus is priced at $1.64 per lb. Though this Plus plan comes higher in terms of per-pound billing, it has perks such as free next-day delivery and a monthly bonus of $10 you can use to request more add-ons.

For both subscription plans, there is no minimum in terms of the weight of your laundry load hence, it is a better option for fewer items than the pay-as-you-need plan.

Dry cleaning is priced differently though with pricing ranging from $4.95 to as much as $39.95 depending on the type of item you request to be dry cleaned.

But it comes with free button repair for every dry cleaning order.

For its hang dry service, the costs range from $1.50 to handle undergarments to as high as $6.95 for other items.

There is also a service fee of $5 for every order but if you are a Rinse Repeat subscriber, you are free from paying this.

Rinse Laundry FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the use of Rinse laundry services:

What is the minimum laundry service order for Rinse?

Rinse has a minimum request order of $30 but this does not apply to subscription-based accounts and special requests like dry cleaning and large-sized items.

Will Rinse deliver my clothes the next day after my order?

The standard delivery timeline for Rinse orders is 3 – 4 days for non-Repeat Plus customers.

If you are not subscribed to its Repeat Plus and want your items delivered the next day, you will have to pay an extra $9.95.

Is there an item that Rinse does not accept for its laundry service?

At this time, Rinse has a policy in place that prevents them from accepting certain items for cleaning. This policy is driven by the nature of the items and the potential risks they might pose to their team. The items that Rinse cannot accept for cleaning include:
Commercial linens
Sofa covers
Area rugs
Sleeping bags
Stuffed animals
Wedding dresses
Vintage clothes (in some cases)
Fur and animal products (feathers, fur coats)

These specific non-clothing items often demand specialized cleaning methods that are beyond Rinse’s area of expertise as a clothing care service.

Can I request hang dry service on Rinse?

Yes, Rinse supports hang-dry laundry requests and you can do this by using the method below:
1. Select the “hang dry” option and specify “hangers” as your preference.
2. It’s important to use a separate bag for items you want to hang dry and label this bag as “hang dry” for easy identification.

What is the difference between the Rinse Repeat and Repeat Plus?

Rinse Repeat and Rinse Repeat Plus are both subscription-based laundry services that charge based on the bag’s size, not by weight. They both come with complimentary Pickup and delivery.

However, Rinse Repeat Plus plans offer some extra advantages, including:
1. Complimentary Next-Day Rush service, saving you $9.95 per order.
2. Unlimited rollover of bags and pounds.
3. An additional $10 in monthly credit that can be used for other services like Dry Cleaning and Hang Dry.

Can I accumulate the $10 monthly bonus as a Rinse Repeat customer?

As a Rinse Repeat Plus subscriber, you will enjoy a $10 monthly credit that can be applied to non-Wash-and-Fold services such as Dry Cleaning and Hang Dry.

It is worth mentioning that any unused monthly credits will not carry forward to the next month at the conclusion of your monthly bag cycle.

Nevertheless, these credits will be refreshed at the commencement of each new monthly bag cycle, as long as you maintain your status as an active Rinse Repeat Plus subscriber.

How do I cancel my Rinse subscription?

You have the flexibility to adjust, temporarily pause, or terminate your subscription at any time by visiting your My Account page on and navigating to the Subscriptions section.

For monthly plans, if you decide to cancel or switch to a lower-tier plan, your current subscription will remain active until the upcoming monthly billing date.

In the case of annual plans, if you opt to cancel or switch to a different plan, your existing subscription will continue until your next monthly cycle begins, which is the date when your bag credits are due to renew.

Please be aware that an early termination or plan downgrade for an annual subscription may incur a $100 change fee, and any reimbursement will be shared accordingly.

Rinse Laundry Alternatives

Below are some of the alternative laundry service providers like Rinse:



Pricing From





Same Day*

Quick: Poplin laundry service charges $1 per pound for its standard service. You can avail of their service as long as your laundry items weigh up to $20 in value. However, if you require same-day delivery, there is a minimum hamper value of $40, equivalent to $2 per pound. If your items don’t meet this value, you’ll receive them the following day.

In terms of coverage, this platform operates in over 500 cities and is considered one of the leading laundry service providers nationwide.

With a $40 charge for same-day delivery, it stands out as a cost-effective choice when compared to other laundry service platforms. Some of the alternatives that offer similar delivery options tend to be priced higher, potentially resulting in additional fees.

The service cost remains fixed regardless of your location, set at $1 per pound. For the standard 24-hour delivery, there is a minimum requirement of $20.

To estimate the weight of your load, it is helpful to know that one hamper typically weighs around 10 pounds. As such, you will need at least two hampers of items to meet the minimum threshold for utilizing Poplin’s services.



Pricing From





24 Hours

Quick: Laundryheap offers a range of services, including washing, ironing, and dry cleaning. Their pricing is determined by the weight of your laundry. To utilize their services, you’ll need a minimum load of at least 15 pounds, priced at a minimum of $35. The best part is that their standard delivery is set at 24 hours, and it doesn’t come with an additional charge.

This brand has garnered a significant following for its laundry delivery services, operating in multiple countries.

Similar to Rinse, Laundryheap provides washing and folding, and dry cleaning services, making it a convenient choice for items like suits, coats, and professional attire. But wait isstep better because you can also request for ironing when using Laundryheap.

However, it is worth noting that Laundryheap’s pricing is somewhat higher, starting at $2.33 per pound, in contrast to Rinse’s $1.25 per pound.

The platform offers a standard 24-hour delivery for their wash and dry service. If you require ironing and dry cleaning, you might have to wait for 48 hours. While their delivery is free, there may be an additional service fee ranging from $4.95.



Pricing From





24 Hours

Quick: HappyNest is a viable alternative to Rinse for your laundry needs. They offer pricing that begins at $1.85 per pound, and you will need a minimum order of $35. Their standard turnaround time is 24 hours, making them a convenient choice for quick laundry services.

HappyNest is another excellent laundry service platform that specializes in washing, drying, and folding, all with a standard 24-hour turnaround time.

Their pricing structure depends on whether you opt for a scheduled recurring service or have a one-time laundry need. For scheduled recurring services, you have the flexibility to set your pick-up schedule, and the pricing is generally more affordable, starting at $1.85, although it may vary depending on your location.

On the other hand, the By Request Plan may cost you a bit more, with pricing potentially reaching $2.05 or higher for your one-time laundry requests. This plan can be beneficial if you only need their services occasionally.

Regardless of the plan you choose, the standard delivery time is the next day, and the minimum order requirement is set at $35 per load.

Press Cleaners

Press Cleaners

Pricing From





24 Hours

Quick: Press Cleaners is a versatile laundry service that provides both wash and folds as well as dry cleaning options. To utilize their services, you’ll need to meet a minimum order requirement of $50. The initial pricing for their services begins at $2.49 per pound, and they aim for a standard turnaround time of 24 hours.

For those seeking an alternative to Rinse, especially for dry cleaning needs for items not supported by Rinse, Press Cleaners is a platform worth considering.

Their pricing varies depending on the location, but in most areas, the charge is set at $2.49 per pound, and the minimum load weight is typically around 20 lbs.

Regarding dry cleaning, the cost can differ significantly, ranging from $4.25 for regular shirts to as high as $58.50 for comprehensive coat dry cleaning services.

It is important to note that, in some areas, there may be an additional service charge of $5.99, which includes order costs.

Despite the variations in pricing, the turnaround time for washing and folding remains at 24 hours, but if you opt for dry cleaning services, the turnaround time might extend to 48 hours depending on your location.

Bolt Laundry

Bolt Laundry

Pricing From





24 Hours

Quick: Bolt Laundry is another laundry service provider that boasts extensive coverage and offers a swift delivery turnaround time of 24 hours. To utilize their services, you’ll need to meet a minimum order requirement of 15 pounds, which typically amounts to around $30 per load.

If you are looking for an alternative to Rinse for your laundry needs, this platform is a strong contender.

Their pricing structure offers flexibility between their pay-as-you-go and weekly subscription options. With the weekly plan, you will enjoy a more cost-effective rate of $1.99 per pound for wash and fold service, whereas the by-request option for the same service is priced at $2.05.

When it comes to handling larger items such as bedding, the cost varies, with large bedding items ranging from $32.99 to $34.99 depending on size, and household items like bedspreads and mattress covers priced from $3.99 to $11.99.

For dry cleaning and large items laundry services, there is a minimum order requirement of $40 and $45, respectively.


In comparison to several other laundry service providers, Rinse stands out with its remarkable service features that may be a perfect fit for your wash and fold requirements.

With a minimum pricing of $30, Rinse offers a competitive and appealing option for taking care of your laundry tasks whenever the need arises.

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