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How Hamperapp Laundry Services Work and Pricings

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Hamperapp is a multi-service laundry platform enabling you to outsource for wash and fold, dry cleaning, and household items cleaning.

You almost will be able to connect to many online laundry services that cover your area, this option is one with a wide network of providers in several cities.  

It has several offerings with variations for personal and commercial laundry needs hence, suitable for individuals and businesses.



  • Price From: $1.79 per pound
  • Minimum Order: $35
  • Same-day Delivery: No
  • Next-day Delivery: yes
  • Standard Delivery: 24 hours


  • Price From: $1 per pound
  • Minimum Order: $20
  • Same-day Delivery: $2 per pound
  • Next-day Delivery: yes
  • Standard Delivery: 24 hours


  • Price From: $1.25 per pound
  • Minimum Order: $30
  • Same-day Delivery: not available
  • Next-day Delivery: free for Plus users or $7.95
  • Standard Delivery: 48 – 72 Hours



Pricing From





24 Hours

Quick: Hamperapp offers varying services including wash and fold, dry cleaning, hang dry, and household items washing. Its starter cost is $1.79 and varies per Zip code for the normal laundry service with others priced per item. It has a required order size of not less than $35 with a standard delivery time of 24 hours.

It is one of the online platforms that operates on a marketplace model connecting you to laundry service companies and professionals within your zip code. 

You are not subjected to membership or recurrent schedules as it allows for one-off requests but it comes with an optional feature that will enable you to re-use a previous provider that handled your laundry.

Hamperapp provides three of the most widely requested laundry services including wash and fold, dry cleaning, and hang dry with the added advantage of utilizing its household cleaning to handle other items.

Its pricing varies depending on your address but at most locations, there is a starter cost of $1.79 per pound for its wash and fold which can rise to $2.19 per lb at some places like San Francisco.

When requesting the wash and fold service, Hamperapp requires a minimum basket of not less than $35 and to get the total minimum cost, it will be the required lbs for your zip code times the per pricing.

For dry cleaning, it has common pricing across its service locations starting from $4.39 for basic items like bras and ties to as high as $76.99 for more delicate clothes like leather coats.

The platform has similar pricing for hang-dry laundry needs which starts from $6.99 for sneakers and rises to $29.99 for bedroom sets.

Hamperapp can also take care of your household items like comforters, bath rugs, curtains, pet beds, and more.

When using the platform for your chore needs, your items will be picked up and returned after 24 hours (the next day) in its branded laundry bag and there are no delivery or pick-up charges.

However, Hamperapp has a service fee covering some add-on features like insurance protection which comes at 15% of your order total.

How Hamperapp Works

Hamperapp is a marketplace for laundry services and through the platform, you can outsource your chores to providers that are close to you.

It has providers spread across several states and cities which you can connect with by using either its web portal or the mobile app.

Both channels have an interface that will ask for your zip code and once provided, a pricing table will be presented that will enable you to have an idea of how much you will pay if you book any of its providers.

Once you have made a request and the pick-up scheduled, someone will visit your location to collect the items that will be treated based on your specifications and returned the next day.

Hamperapp Services

There are four major services provided by Hamperapp which include:

Wash and Fold

This service involves washing and folding your everyday clothing items. Customers typically gather clothes like shirts, pants, underwear, socks, towels, and linens.

They are then sorted, washed using appropriate detergents and settings, dried, folded neatly, and packaged for return.


Dry Cleaning:

Dry cleaning is a specialized cleaning process for garments and fabrics that cannot be safely washed with water.

The process uses a solvent (such as perchloroethylene) to clean clothes instead of water, making it suitable for delicate fabrics or garments with specific care instructions. Items such as suits, dresses, blazers, coats, and formal wear often require dry cleaning to maintain their quality and appearance.


Wash Delicate and Hang Dry:

This service is tailored for delicate fabrics or clothing items that require special care.

Delicate garments such as silk blouses, wool sweaters, or clothing with intricate embellishments may be too sensitive for traditional washing machines or dry cleaning processes.

Hamperapp’s wash delicate and hang dry service ensures that such items are treated with care, washed gently by hand or using specialized equipment, and then air-dried or hung to prevent damage.


Household Items Washing:

Apart from clothing, household items such as bed linens, comforters, blankets, curtains, and even small area rugs may need periodic cleaning.

Hamperapp offers a service specifically tailored to clean these household items effectively.

Depending on the material and size, these items may be laundered using appropriate techniques, ensuring they are thoroughly cleaned and refreshed.

Hamperapp Service Costs

Hamperapp Wash and Fold Pricing

Wash and Fold

The pricing for its services varies with the cheapest being that for wash and fold which ranges between $1.79 to $2.19 depending on your location.

There is a minimum order cost of $35 which can rise to $43.8 per request if your location is priced at $2.19 per pound.


Dry Cleaning

For dry cleaning, you will be charged per item which varies depending on what you need treated.

Below is the cost per clothing item:

View Pricing



Trench Coat




Tank Top


Table Cloth






Sofa Cover




Silk Blouse




Shirt Ironing






Rain Coat




Plain Dress


Peat Coat


Jean Trouser










Long Dress


Leather Pants


Leather Jacket


Leather Coat


Kids Dress



Hang Dry

If you want your delicate items to be laundered using the hang-dry method, the pricing is between $2.29 and $2.49 per pound depending on your zip code.

For this, Hamperapp requires a minimum order starting from 15 lbs to 17 lbs as the total value cannot be less than $35, similar to the wash and fold.


Household Items Washing

This option is priced per item and at most, you will pay the below when submitting your request:

View Pricing


$6.99 – $7.99


$4.99 – $7.99

Mattress Cover

$13.99 – $14.99

King Comforter


Queen Comforter


Feather Comforter



$10.99 – $13.99

Pet Bed

$15. 99 – $18



Bath Rug


Bedroom Set

$25.99 – 29.99

There is also a service fee that will be added to the total cost of your order and it is usually 15% of the request amount.

Hamperapp Alternatives

There are other platforms you may be interested in other than using Hamperapp which includes:




Pricing From





Same Day*

Quick: Poplin has one of the best pricing when it comes to laundry with a generic $1 per lb across locations and a minimum order of $20 for its standard next-day delivery. You can also enjoy same-day delivery at a premium cost of $2 per pound.

There are a few laundry service platforms with as much coverage as you can get when utilizing Poplin to outsource your washing needs.

With a starter price of $1 irrespective of your location, this is one of the cheapest alternatives to Hamperapp.

It has a standard delivery time of 24 hours but if you want your times delivered on the same day, it comes at a premium which requires a $2 per lb pricing.

The platform focuses only on washing, drying, and folding with support for hang-drying but it may not be your choice if you want dry cleaning services.



Pricing From





24 Hours*

Quick: Rinse offers laundry services at a rate of $1.39 per pound and your laundry is delivered within 3 to 4 days. For one-time orders, there’s a minimum requirement of $30. However, for those opting for a subscription plan, it provides the added benefit of next-day delivery with no minimum order requirement.

Rinse is the 1-to-1 alternative to Hamperapp in terms of offering as it provides comprehensive laundry solutions, including washing, folding, and dry cleaning services.

Their offerings cater to various needs, from everyday clothing to bulkier items like comforters.

For customers seeking ongoing service, Rinse offers two primary subscription options. “Rinse Repeat” is priced at $1.39 per pound, with a 3-4 day delivery window. For added convenience, next-day delivery is available for an extra $9.95.

Alternatively, “Rinse Repeat Plus” at $1.64 per pound offers a faster 24-hour delivery service, along with free next-day delivery and a monthly bonus of $10.

If you prefer flexibility without commitment, it provides a pay-as-you-go option at $2.5 per pound, maintaining the same 3-4 day delivery timeframe.

Beyond standard laundry services, the platform extends its options to dry cleaning solutions, offering a range of prices from $4.9 to $39, depending on the specific items being serviced.

It is important to note additional fees for pick-up services, amounting to $9.95, and an extra $9.95 fee for next-day delivery.



Pricing From





24 Hours

Quick: HappyNest pricing starts from $1.90 per pound for their laundry services. To utilize their services, there is a minimum laundry value requirement of $35 with a 24-hour turnaround time.

HappyNest is another popular option you can use as an alternative to Hamperapp for wash and fold laundry needs.

Their pricing structure offers flexibility based on whether you prefer scheduled recurring services or a one-time laundry solution.

Scheduled recurring services allow you to set your own pick-up schedule, often at a more budget-friendly starting rate of $1.90 per pound, though prices may vary depending on your location.

For customers with occasional laundry needs, the platform offers the By Request Plan, providing a one-time laundry service option.

It is worth noting that this plan may be priced slightly higher, potentially reaching $2.05 or more per laundry request.

The platform has a standard next-day delivery, with a minimum order requirement typically starting at $35 per load.

Its pricing is based on a per-bag model, with customers receiving two branded bags during their first delivery.

Each bag is equivalent to the size of a 13-gallon kitchen bag and can hold approximately 22 pounds of laundry, providing clarity and convenience for customers when estimating their laundry needs.



Pricing From



10 lbs


2 Days

Quick: Lapels is a widely recognized brand for laundry and dry cleaning services. Its wash-and-fold pricing starts from $1.15 per pound with the dry cleaning charged per item. There is a required minimum order of 10 lbs and a standard delivery time of 48 hours.

Lapels Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services has an extensive network of physical stores, franchise locations, and a wide range of laundry solutions.

Their services cover several offerings, addressing various needs from washing and folding to alterations, repairs, and cloth preservation, ensuring they cater to diverse customer requirements.

To enhance customer convenience, it offers a flexible pricing model. You can select between two bag sizes or opt for pay-by-the-pound billing:

Standard Size Bag: This option accommodates up to 20 pounds of laundry and is available with a $30 minimum order or a rate of $1.50 per pound.

Large Size Bag: Tailored for larger loads, this bag is priced at $40 and can hold up to 35 pounds, resulting in a more economical rate of $1.15 per pound.

If your laundry load is under 20 pounds, as long as it meets its 10 lbs minimum requirement, the platform supports a per-pound pricing option at $1.95 per one, with a minimum order value of $20. 

Choosing bag-based services often translates to more cost-effective savings, providing an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals.

Its dry cleaning and household items services are individually priced based on the items just like Hamperapp, ensuring tailored solutions that meet each customer’s unique requirements.


Tide Cleaners

Pricing From





24 Hours

Quick: Tide Cleaners is a reputable laundry service known for its innovative locker system and widespread delivery centers. Prices vary by location and membership type, starting from $1.69 to $4.49 or higher. Offering convenience and quality, it remains a trusted choice for efficient laundry solutions tailored to customers’ diverse needs.

Tide Cleaners is another good laundry service alternative to Hamperapp with a strong presence across multiple cities.

The platform is known for its physical service centers where you can interact directly with the professionals handling your laundry needs.

It provides convenient pick-up and delivery services accessible through its user-friendly mobile app.

For instances where you cannot personally drop off your items at its laundry houses, it offers lockers at various locations. With these lockers positioned close to homes, you may have one nearby where you can drop your packed bag and it will be treated within 24 hours.

It is an excellent option for home laundry needs, offering the choice to either locate a nearby locker or use their app for drop-off. While pricing may vary by location and whether you have a subscription plan, it typically starts around $1.69 per pound.

A significant advantage is the absence of a minimum order requirement, making it suitable for smaller loads.

Hamperapp FAQs

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the use of the platform:

What is the minimum order needed for the Hamperapp laundry service?

The required minimum order is $35 and depending on your location, this could either be a request quantity of 16 lbs or 20 lbs.

What is Hamperapp delivery turnaround?

The platform has a delivery turnaround of 24 hours for its hang dry and wash-and-fold but longer timings for the services.

1. Dry cleaning: 48 hours
2. Household items: Up to 72 hours (it depends as items such as blankets and comforters take more time to dry up)

Is Hamperapp legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate company that has been in existence since 2016. Started in Florida, it has expanded its services to more cities enabling people to outsource their laundry chores conveniently.

Which location is Hamperapp available in the United States?

The platform has partners across the 50 states and you can connect to the nearest professional by simply specifying your zip code on its homepage or using the mobile app.

Does Hamperapp offer hang-dry services?

Yes, you can request hang dry when submitting your order on the platform. This option is priced per item and requires a minimum order of $35 but offers a standard delivery time of 24 hours.

How do I request a corporate laundry need on Hamperapp?

It supports business laundry requests and you can create an order by simply clicking the commercial button which will enable you to request a quote.


With its wide coverage, you will have many professionals within your area who can handle your laundry needs through the Hamperapp platform.

There is a special instruction field and if you need a unique treatment like the choice of detergent to be used, utilize this to inform the provider how you want your items treated.

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