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Tide Cleaners Prices and Its Laundry Services

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  • Post last modified:March 31, 2024

Tide Cleaners is a multi-service laundry brand offering both delivery and drop-off through its locations and mobile app.

There are a few laundry service providers with so many offerings like Tide as you can access not only wash-and-fold and dry cleaning but others like alterations and household items cleaning among others.

While it has several locations and lockers across many cities nationwide for quick drop-offs, you can also request pick-up and delivery for convenient handling.



  • Price From: $1.69 per pound
  • Minimum Order: None
  • Same-day Delivery: yes (only available for store drop-off and pick-up orders)
  • Next-day Delivery: yes (only available for store drop-off and pick-up orders)
  • Standard Delivery: 48 hours


  • Price From: $1 per pound
  • Minimum Order: $20 (20 lbs)
  • Same-day Delivery: $2 per pound
  • Next-day Delivery: yes
  • Standard Delivery: 24 hours


  • Price From: $1.39/lb per pound
  • Minimum Order: $30 (22 lbs)
  • Same-day Delivery: not available
  • Next-day Delivery: free for Plus users or $7.95
  • Standard Delivery: 48 – 72 Hours

Tide Cleaners

Tide Cleaners

Pricing From





48 Hours*

Quick: Tide Cleaners pricing starts from $1.69 to as high as $4.49 per pound for its wash and fold (varies per location and membership) while other laundry services like dry cleaning and household clothes washing are priced per item. Its pick-up and delivery has a turnaround time of 2 days but if you have a location close to you, you can enjoy same-day service by visiting the store.

Tide is one of the popular laundry service providers operating through its widespread physical stores and lockers.

You can also find its brand stations on campuses with the app enabling convenience requests and delivery.

It is known for its wide options in terms of offerings, including services like wash-and-fold, dry cleaning, alterations, table linens, household items and bedding, and others.

Tide Cleaners has a standard delivery time of 48 hours for its home pick-up and delivery service but for store drop-off, you can enjoy same-day rush service but that has a standard timeline of 24 hours.

While many of its customers utilize the pay-as-you-go option, the platform has membership plans that come with better savings.

The standard pricing for its one-off delivery ranges from $2.49 to 4.49 per pound depending on your location but with the Tide Cleaners membership, you can enjoy per lb pricing between $1.69 to $2.

It has three subscription plans tailored for wash and fold, including  Small which costs $39.99/m for 21 lbs of load, the Medium is priced at 89.99/m for a maximum of 51 lbs, and the Large which will enable you to handle up to 77 lbs of laundry load for $129.99 monthly.

The other services like dry cleaning and alterations are priced based on the items you need to be treated and range between $7.29 and $88.49.

Most of its locations offer free delivery for its home pick-up service but note that your washed items will return in two days.

How Tide Cleaners Work

Tide Cleaners operates through its network of stores, franchise locations, campus touchpoints, and lockers. 

Unlike many providers like Hamperapp and Poplin which operates as a marketplace, the platform will handle your laundry at one of its locations.

It provides four channels through which you can submit your order; there is the mobile app which can take home pick-up requests, the stores and its franchise locations for walk-ins, the network of lockers at several locations for quick drop-offs, and campus trucks/touchpoints for university and college laundry orders.

Irrespective of the channel you utilized to submit your order, you can track it through the mobile app and get notifications regarding self-pick-up or delivery.

There is a standard delivery timeline of 24 hours if you are using the in-store walk-ins and locker station drop-offs, and the mobile home service has a timeline of 48 hours until your items are returned.

Tide Cleaners has no minimum order request which makes it an ideal option for small laundry needs but to enjoy more savings, upgrading to one of its membership plans will be a good step.

Tide Cleaners Services

Tide Cleaners Services

Tide Cleaners provides several services and below are some available at many of its locations:


Wash and Fold

This service involves washing, drying, and folding your laundry. It is particularly convenient for individuals who do not have the time or resources to do their laundry themselves.


Dry Cleaning

This is a process of cleaning clothes and textiles using a chemical solvent rather than water. It is suitable for delicate fabrics or garments that cannot be safely washed in water.

Note that this offering is not available at all locations. You can check if your store supports this by clicking the name on the app to see the service page.



It involves making adjustments to clothing to achieve a better fit or to repair damages. Common alterations include hemming pants, taking in or letting out seams, and adjusting sleeve lengths.


Wedding Dresses

The platform also offers cleaning and preservation services for wedding dresses, ensuring they remain in pristine condition after the big day.


Household Items

This service includes cleaning larger household items such as comforters, blankets, and duvets that may not fit in a standard washing machine at home.


Table Linens

Its outlets can clean and press table linens, such as tablecloths and napkins, to keep them looking fresh and presentable for special occasions or everyday use.


Special Care Fabrics

Certain fabrics require special care during cleaning to avoid damage or shrinkage. Tide offers specialized cleaning services for delicate fabrics such as silk, wool, and cashmere.



This service involves cleaning and caring for outerwear garments such as coats, jackets, and raincoats to maintain their appearance and functionality.


Home Pick-up and Delivery

It also provides the convenience of picking up and delivering your laundry directly to your home or office, saving you time and hassle. You can handle this through its mobile application.


Same-day Delivery

For urgent laundry needs, Tide offers a same-day delivery service, ensuring you get your freshly cleaned clothes back as quickly as possible.

Tide Cleaners Service Costs

Tide Cleaners Pricing

Tide has two pricing models including the subscription plans and the other for pay-as-you-go laundry service.

When you need a one-off service, you can pay from $2.49 to as high as $4.49 for its wash-and-fold as the costs vary per location.

 However, there is cost-saving available through its membership which comes in three variations.

The Small plan is priced at $39.99 per month: this will cover about 2 to 3 loads of laundry and cannot exceed 21 lbs in the entire month.

You can also get an upgraded membership through its Medium plan that will enable you to enjoy up to 51 lbs of wash and fold service for $89.99 per month.

Its third plan, Large costs $129.99 every month and it can be utilized for up to 77 pounds of loads.

If you go with its subscription, the per lb pricing will be as low as $1.69 up to $2 which is cheaper than the one-off request.

Other services like dry cleaning and alterations are priced per item and depending on your location and the garment, it can be from $7.29 to $88.49.

Tide Cleaners Alternatives

Below are some of the alternatives to Tide for laundry services:




Pricing From





Same Day*

Quick: Poplin operates on a marketplace model enabling people to connect to laundry service providers nearby for $1 per pound (minimum order of 20 lbs) and a standard delivery time of 24 hours. There is also a same-day option at $2 per pound.

Formerly SudShare, Poplin has grown to become one of the top laundry services across several cities nationwide.

It offers one of the best prices at just $1 per pound which makes it one of the cheapest alternatives to Tide Cleaners.

The platform focuses on washing and folding with optional support for hang-dry but when this is required, you will need to provide the right number of hangers to be used.

You can also request same-day delivery service but that comes at higher costs at $2 per pound and a minimum load size of 40 lbs.

As a new user, Poplin has coupon codes you can utilize for some discount on your first order which adds to the free delivery and insurance coverage it offers.



Pricing From





24 Hours*

Quick: Rinse offers both wash-and-fold and dry cleaning services with a standard delivery time of 3 – 4 days and a minimum load size of $30. Its Plus subscribers can enjoy free next-day delivery with a $9.95 fee for other users who need the 24-hour service.

Rinse is another good alternative to Tide Cleaners with a wide coverage you can use for your laundry chores.

The platform offers both dry cleaning and wash-and-fold, including support for hang-dry requests.

In terms of pricing, there is a subscription method for heavy users and a pay-as-you-need option that is suitable for not-too-frequent orders.

With a Rinse membership, you will pay between $1.39  and $1.64 per lb depending on if you are on the Repeat or the alternative Plus plan.

While the Plus plan is higher in terms of per-pound pricing when compared to the Repeat plan, it offers free next-day delivery ($9.95 for other users) and a $10 bonus every month.

For its pay-as-you-go request, it is priced at $2.5 per lb and while this may be a good option if you need one-off service, the subscription offers more benefits in the long term.

The Rinse Repeat and regular users have a standard free delivery time of 3 – 4 days while the Plus is within 24 hours.



Pricing From





24 Hours

Quick: ByNext is akin to Tide as it offers both home pick-ups and store drop-offs through its locations. It has a turnaround time of 24 hours with a per-lb pricing of $1.86 and a minimum order size of $20.

Tide is not available in some states, for instance, New York hence, opting for one of the alternatives that works in areas like NYC will enable you to outsource your washing needs if you live in such locations.

In NY, there is ByNext, a laundry brand that offers its services through a network of physical stations and its partner outlets.

Its stations are also available in some cities of New Jersey, California, and Washington DC.

The platform provides an array of services including wash-and-fold, dry cleaning, alterations, and more. You can also outsource home and office cleaning through the app.

ByNext has an on-demand plan and also a subscription model; while the first has a pricing of $2.33 per lb, you will enjoy more savings through membership as low as $1.86 per pound.

You can also request a same-day delivery when using the platform but it comes at a premium cost of $6.19.



Pricing From





24 Hours

Quick: HappyNest is a wash-and-fold laundry service marketplace with operations in many states. The platform has a pricing of $1.90 per pound with the minimum order size being $35 and a standard delivery time of 24 hours.

HappyNest is one of the top alternatives to Tide Cleaners when it comes to wash and fold laundry service.

You can subscribe to its recurring membership plan or simply request a one-off need when submitting your laundry order on the platform.

The premium option has better pricing starting from $1.90 per pound while the on-demand, called By Request plan is higher and you can pay up to or more than $2.05 per lb.

There is a standard delivery time of 24 hours when using HappyNest and depending on your location and plan, the minimum load size can be $35 or up to $49.95.

Its prices are based on per bag which can hold up to 22 lbs of items. The platform will provide you with two of its branded laundry bags when delivering your first order.



Pricing From



10 lbs


2 Days

Quick: Lapels is just like Tide in terms of offerings, with several physical locations where your laundry will be handled. There is a standard delivery time of 48 hours for its home pick-up and only a minimum of 10 lbs of load size is required.

If there is any perfect-fit platform on this list of alternatives to Tide Cleaners, that has to be Lapels considering it offers almost the services you can access when using Tides.

While it may be more popular for its dry cleaning services, you can also request wash-and-fold, alterations and repairs, wet cleaning, shoe repairs, wedding dress preservation, and more.

Lapels has two pricing models including the per-bag which costs your request based on the size of the laundry bag and the on-demand which relies on per pound.

Its per-page pricing is cheaper than the per lb but if you do not need that many items laundered, you can go with the latter which has a pricing from $1.95 but this requires a minimum load size of 10 lbs.

There are two bag variations with the larger one able to hold up to 35 lbs, equivalent to $40 of load size at a per-lb pricing of $1.15 while the smaller bag can take up to 20 lbs or $30 of load at $1.50 per pound.

Tide Cleaners FAQs

Some of the top-asked questions regarding the use of Tide for laundry include:

What is the minimum order needed for the Tide Cleaners laundry service?

There is no minimum load size required as the platform also supports per lb pricing but this is more expensive than one of its membership plans as it can be as high as $4.49 per lb depending on your location.

What is Tide Cleaners delivery turnaround?

For its in-store and locker drop-offs, it has a standard delivery time of 24 hours while its home pick-up service is 48 hours.

However, you can also request same-day rush service at special pricing which varies per store.

Which location is Tide Cleaners available in the United States?

Tide is available in several states, including:

Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah.

Is Tide Cleaners legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate laundry service company owned by Procter & Gamble, a multi-national brand known for several consumer goods brands.

What is Tide Cleaners’ price per pound?

The per-pound pricing starts from $1.69 which can go up as high as $4.49 depending on if you have a membership plan and the store location.

Does Tide clean area rugs?

Yes, the platform supports area rug cleaning and you can submit your request through its app or simply drop off the rug at any of its stores or a nearby locker.

What is Tide Cleaners?

It is a laundry brand that offers varying services including wash-and-fold, dry-cleaning, alterations, household items cleaning, dress preservation, and more.

Where can I get more details about this brand?

It provides a help center that has answers to some of its frequently asked questions and you can use that to get more information about the brand.


It has one of the best coverage offline and if you have its locations nearby, Tide Cleaners can be a good option to use in handling your laundry, and for convenience, the mobile app is also available.

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